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Sinerji Trade is a company specializing in international trade. Sinerji Trade is an organization that increases brand awareness in the countries we export with our services and products and provides trust to every point it comes into contact with.

Since its establishment, Sinerji Trade aims to cooperate with foreign companies that want to supply various product groups from Turkey with its quality-oriented service approach.

The main goal of our company is to increase the foreign trade volume of our country by providing communication between companies that want to produce and/or sell in various sectors in Turkey and buyers abroad.

It includes carrying out purchasing activities on behalf of foreign-origin companies that want to purchase products from Turkey, obtaining the most appropriate price performance, loading the product/products in question, providing customs clearance transportation services, and delivering them to the relevant address.

Sinerji Trade offers optimum price performance for our customers, who are importers, to purchase the products they need, through our manufacturer/supplier companies in our portfolio, as soon as possible, and then to ship the products/products in question abroad.

Sinerji Trade is a successful company in its sector, serving companies that want to export and import from A to Z, always offering their existing knowledge and portfolio to their service, open to development, innovative and effective solutions.


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Fevzi Çakmak mahallesi Büsan sanayi Sitesi 10642. sokak no: 87 Karatay / KONYA

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Korona Krizi Dış Ticareti Nasıl Etkiliyor?

15 July 21

TÜİK nisan ayı dış ticaret verilerini açıkladı. Mart ve nisan ayı verileri, korona krizinin ilk şokunun dış ticarete etkisinin izlerini verdiği gibi, krizin uzaması halinde nasıl sonuçlar ortaya çıkabileceği konusunda da işa

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Dış Ticaret İstatislikleri Açıklandı

15 July 21

Türkiye'nin ihracatı, şubatta geçen yılın aynı ayına göre yüzde 9,6 artarak 16 milyar 9 milyon dolar, ithalatı yüzde 9,4 artarak 19 milyar 308 milyon dolar olarak gerçekleşti. Türkiye İstatistik Kurumu (TÜİ

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